Like for Ascendead Master, I found two promotional CDs for maxi-single Philia of Versailles Philharmonic Quintet.

Here is the first I found, so I arbitrarily numbered it #1.
But the length time of the disc is different from the final retail versions whereas the length time of Philia Promo CD #2 is identical to the one of the retail versions. This one is 14:24 whereas the "original" length time 14:19. Therefore I suppose that this promo CD #1 was released prior to the other one that I numbered #2.

Catalog number : none
UPC : none
Label : Warner Music Japan
Country : Japan
Release date : early 2011

This CD-R comes in a slim jewel case with a black disc inlay tray.
My copy came without any insert. But it is the only copy I have ever seen so I don't know if it originally came with one or not.

The musical content seems identical to retail versions.