European release of Versailles "NOBLE" album CD by CLJ Records had a Promotional Limited Edition.

Catalog number : CLJ 8837-2.2
UPC : none
Label : CLJ Records
Country : Germany
Release date : 2008/07/16

Versailles "NOBLE" European Promotional Limited Edition CD comes in a cardboard sleeve with the same picture as regular version on front.

Versailles : "NOBLE" European Promo CD : cardboard sleeve front

Back has a slightly different imprint as on regular version, mainly: no barcode, catalog number and "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY LIMITED EDITION NOT FOR SALE" mentioned.

Versailles : "NOBLE" European Promo CD : cardboard sleeve back

The disc is exactly the same as the regular version except for one detail: "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY" is printed on the front of CD.
It has exactly the same matrix informations as the regular version.

Versailles : "NOBLE" European Promo CD

Many thanks to CLJ Records, especially to Bettina for making me a happy collector! :)