For this Fantastic night with Devin Townsend Project, I had the idea of a picture for a t-shirt and my friend Mathieu did a great job! Thank you also to my dear Stephane for his assistance.

Fantastic Devin Townsend Project

Meet&Greet was a real pleasure and all the band members were really kind. 19 years after I first saw Devin Townsend live as vocalist for VAI, I was very happy to shake the hand of this musical genius!

With Devin Townsend during VIP Meet&Greet

During the VIP Meet&Greet

With Devin Townsend Project during VIP Meet&Greet

As VIP we could stay in the venue after the Meet&Greet and then be in the front row for the concert!

In the front row with friends

Dave Young posted a picture on his twitter (me just in front of Devin :D )

Pic by Dave Young

TV ROCK LIVE has published a video interview of Devin Townsend with live footage (me around 7:05…)


After the concert, I waited with a friend for the artists to come out… and it was fun again!

With Devin Townsend after the concert

With Brian Waddell after the concert

With Dave Young after the concert

With a friend and Ryan Van Poederooyen after the concert

Devin Townsend Project is such a fantastic team! The show was truly epic, I had a wonderful birthday night, thank you DTP!