This live recording DVD-R is an official BOOTLEG LIVE DVD containing parts of the performances of 凛 -the end of corruption world- and NEGA at Sendai MA.CA.NA (仙台マカナ) that was held on 2013 March 28 during the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 10TH ANNIVERSARY LAST TOUR「日本制圧FINAL -since 2003~2013-」.

It is not officially stated when this DVD was actually released nor how many copies were made. I bought this copy at the auction on 2016 February 26, it was on sale from February 25. Starting price was 2,500 yen and final auction price was 3,000 yen.
According to the seller (allegedly Kisaki himself), it is a not for sale item (非売品) offered as a prize (景品).

Tracklist for performance is:
1. SE
2. Flowers Bloom
3. The Psalms and Lamentations
4. MC
5. Freedom

Unexpectedly the footage of is suddenly cut at 26:06 before the end of the song Freedom and without any transition, the video directly continues with NEGA. The DVD opens with the beginning of 's performance and closes with the end of NEGA’s performance.

Another unusual point in this bootleg DVD is that the recording begins during the soundcheck before the curtain falls. And it ends after the concert while people are leaving the venue.
Its exact duration is 47:27.