The new song Diamond Dust was planned to be the b-side of what should have been Phantasmagoria's first major single「神歌」in 2007.

This release contains the song Diamond Dust and its instrumental version on CD. It also contains a DVD with nearly 30 minutes live footage from Phantasmagoria's concert at 東京キネマ倶楽部 (Tokyo Kinema Club) : 「首都制圧」on 2009.12.31.

Diamond Dust had a simultaneous release with Seeds of Brain.

If you simultaneously purchased Diamond Dust with Seeds of Brain from UNDER CODE PRODUCTION Official web shop, you got a mirror specially designed by 伊織 (Iori) as a bonus.

Here is the list of bonuses in shops provided by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION :
Like An Edison : Personal Message DVD
Jishuban Club : Set of 5 original photos ; and a comment DVD if you purchased Diamond Dust simultaneously with Seeds of Brain
Brand-X : Original photo
ZEAL LINK & little HEARTS : comment DVD
Pure Sound : Photo cards

Catalog number : UCCD-258
Label : Under Code Production
Country : Japan
Release date : 2010/03/10

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust CD+DVD : Front

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust CD+DVD : Back

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust CD+DVD : Inside

I simultaneously purchased Diamond Dust & Seeds of Brain at UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP so as an award, I received the mirror specially designed by 伊織 (Iori).

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust CD+DVD & Seeds of Brain CD & UNDER CODE PRODUCTION Award

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust & Seeds of Brain : UNDER CODE PRODUCTION Award

I also bought a copy at Like an and got a comment DVD as award.

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust CD+DVD & Like an Edison Award

I also bought a copy at 自主盤倶楽部 (Jishuban Club) and as award, came a set of five photos, one for each member.

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust CD+DVD & 自主盤倶楽部 (Jishuban Club) Award

I purchased it simultaneously with a copy of Seeds of Brain so I also got the comment DVD from 自主盤倶楽部 (Jishuban Club).

Phantasmagoria : Diamond Dust CD+DVD & Seeds of Brain CD & 自主盤倶楽部 (Jishuban Club) Awards

This comment DVD is over three minutes long. Band members can be seen, except KISAKI who is represented with a poster held by JUN & 纏. Four members are having a lot of laughs !