Ophelia is Kaya's third single since he has moved to Universal but is the first on his new label Polystar.

On the photos of this single is featured the new dress named Le mariage de la Princesse -Ophelia ver.-, resulting in a collaboration between Kaya and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

Catalog number : PSCR-6234
UPC : 4988023046228
Label : Polystar
Country : Japan
Release date : 2009/07/22

Kaya : Ophelia

In the booklet was enclosed one Liner Notes sheet randomly selected from two types, one for each song. I have had the Rose Kingdom one.

Kaya : Ophelia : Rose Kingdom Liner Notes

I bought my copy at Zeal Link. It came with shop bonuses :

Kaya : Ophelia : CD and Zeal Link Bonuses

An original photo :

Kaya : Ophelia : Zeal Link Bonus Original Photo

A comment CD-R containing a nearly-2-minutes-long message from Kaya :

Kaya : Ophelia : Zeal Link Bonus Comment CD