Land of Art Fantastique presents my music CD collection and related music items.

My musical tastes range on a wide variety of musical styles and I like a lot of musical artist (see categories).
About format, my preference goes to compact disc. This is the standard format of my generation and I do appreciate it.

I always try to have the most interesting pressing, according to its rarity or its content, and in order to identify it accurately, I need some specifications that may be hard to find.

I often encounter difficulties to gather some informations about specific pressings, to have complete descriptions of all original parts of items or to know some precise details about some particular editions.

My goal is not to be exhaustive but to offer a description of the item as accurate as possible with all the details that make such work of art valuable to me.

I buy most of my CDs in new condition. If I buy some used item, it must be complete and in mint condition, as much as possible.

I own a genuine original copy of each item presented here and photos are mostly from my personnal collection (except where indicated).

You can feel free to send me a comment, to leave a feedback or to ask a question : I would be glad to provide more details or discuss a point with you!

I am living in Grenoble, France so je discuterai avec vous en français avec plaisir!